July 2017 Release Notes

Release Notes (July 2017)

Fundriver has released a number of updates to enhance the usability of the user interface. This document provides notes on each item. These changes are effective as of 7/12/2017.


Help links. All Help links now point to the Fundriver Knowledge Base instead of static help pages.



Activity > Edit Transactions > Copy Transactions button.  This button is now labeled ‘Export Transactions.’


Activity > Investment Activity > Post Activity. ‘Post Period’ is now labeled ‘Close Period’ and the Investment Activity Screen reads ‘Post Investment Activity.’




Single-Sign On Client Log Off. Instead of being re-directed to the Fundriver log in screen, single-sign on clients will be directed to a generic Fundriver “logged out” screen.




If you have any questions about this release to Fundriver, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!

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