FAQ: How do I get to the Knowledge Base?

Access from anywhere:

Users can access the Fundriver Knowledge Base from anywhere using this link

Access from your database:

Once users are logged in to their database there are a few different ways to access the Fundriver Knowledge Base.

Under Helpful Links users can click the Fundriver Knowledge Base link:

From any page in the database users can click Help directly above their name to be directed to the Knowledge Base.

Under SUPPORT / SETTINGS > Online Help there is a link to Search the Knowledge Base:

For clients that have log in access to multiple databases or utilize the Single Sign On (SSO) feature; from within the database, 'Search the Knowledge Base' under Online Help is the only way to access your client-specific content in the Knowledge Base.  You can access the public version of the Knowledge Base by clicking the 'Help' link on the top of the screen or by using this link: 

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