Fundriver/Northern Trust Client Process

Northern Trust (NT) refers clients to Fundriver (FD) who they feel will benefit from our software and the integration NT has with FD.

  • FD invoices NT, not the client directly (Contract is between NT and the client)

Once a client is referred to FD, the Implementation Specialist should include a NT contact on email communication so NT is kept informed of the client’s stage in the implementation process.

  • Jenn Barker (FD) currently includes Marcia Hernandez (NT) on her correspondence with clients

Once the client determines whether they want a file processed from NT to Fundriver, NT can begin process of preparing a file for transmission to Fundriver.

  • NT must be made aware of the accounts and consolidations that need to be transmitted.  
  • This process typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Once the client’s data has been loaded into Fundriver, the database now exists.

  • The standard database does not have the NT utility.  
  • In order for the NT utility to be "turned on" in the software and show up in the client's Fundriver interface, a FD SQL specialist needs to apply special SQL coding to the client database and add the client’s custody # in the CustAcctNum field in SQL.  
  • The FD Implementation Specialist will create a ticket for this process to be completed.  

After NT has completed the process of preparing for file transmissions, they send a test file to Fundriver.

  • NT to notify Implementation Specialist and IT Department Don Sullivan that file is coming through.  Don can confirm if transmission was successful.  

Once we have a successful transmission, NT and client need to determine which business day going forward each transmission should take place.

  • Each month NT completes their accounting process and approval process by the agreed upon business day.
  • Once approved, the transmission is sent to Fundriver (typically at midnight).
  • There is no email confirmation when files are sent from NT to FD.  Clients typically know which business day they need to go in & run the utility and they just schedule it.
  • Client can then import the NT data via Activity/Utilities to pull the data into Fundriver.

Miscellaneous items:

  1. If the client has questions on the investment activity pulled in from NT import, please contact NT.  Fundriver can only see what the client sees, not any detail.  
  2. If there’s an issue with the file transmission, please contact FD Support first.  Fundriver will elevate to NT if needed.
  3. If the client is in a time-sensitive state, they can manually input the investment activity from the statements or import the manager information via a Standard Manager Import file FD can provide.  Contact FD Support if assistance is needed.
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