How do I set up report subscriptions?

The subscriptions feature enables Fundriver users to automatically send reports to department end users (subscribers).  The user in the main application triggers the reports to run when the results for the posting period are finalized.  The end users receive an email notifying them each time new reports become available. Depending on the report, the results are filtered using the department module criteria.

Only users with a primary Fundriver account (not Department Users) can activate report subscriptions.  During the Department User set up process, there is an option on the ACCESS SETTINGS - PASSWORDS screen to "Allow Users to Subscribe to Reports."  This box must be checked before Department Users will have access to report subscriptions.  Once activated, a Department User can choose to subscribe to reports or the Fundriver Administrator can set up the subscriptions.  

Please note that only Department Module subscribers have access to the Report Subscription feature.

1. The first step for managing Department User REPORT SUBSCRIPTIONS is making sure your database settings have the feature activated.  Navigate to DEPARTMENT USERS > ACCESS SETTINGS and make sure ALLOW USERS TO SUBSCRIBE TO REPORTS box is checked.

2. If, as a Fundriver Administrator, you would like to assign report subscriptions to your Department Users, you can do so in the REPORT tab.  Navigate to the report you would like to add (for one or multiple users) and click the SUBSCRIBE button.

3. The box below will appear, in which subscription details can be added.  Choose a DESCRIPTION, FREQUENCY, and FORMAT for each report.  The EMAIL NOTE will be included in the email to the subscriber and is required.

Reporting Period:  This determines the date range for the report. For example, if you select quarter, and you run the subscription for the 9/30 posting period, the report will cover the period from 6/30 to 9/30. Reports that do not have a date range will ignore this.

Select Month: This allows you to select which month you would like the subscription schedule to start running automatically.

4. Highlight the names of the Department Users you would like to have access to this report and then click on the arrow between the boxes to move the names to the USERS SUBSCRIBED box. Click SAVE.

Repeat the steps above for all reports you would like to have available to subscribers.  If you aren't sure which reports you would like made available, you can easily add others at a later time.

4.1. Department Users themselves can also choose to receive a report subscription.  In the Department User interface (on the REPORTS tab) there is a subscription option.  The user needs to highlight the report, select parameters, and then click the SUBSCRIBE button.

5. To run reports and push them out to Department Users/Subscribers, log into your account and navigate to REPORT > SUBSCRIPTIONS.

6. The main SUBSCRIPTION screen will show all reports that were chosen for subscription.

7. Once you select a DELIVERY FREQUENCY and USER NAME, only those reports initially set up to run at that frequency and assigned to that user will appear.  Check the box by the report/s you would like to run and click RUN SELECTED.

From the screen above, you can also click on the CLICK HERE TO ADD A NEW SUBSCRIPTION text to navigate directly to the REPORT menu to set up another report subscription.

8. A message will appear indicating the reports are set to run.

Report subscriptions can be deleted at any time by clicking the DELETE SELECTED button.

Repeat the process above after each period close, running quarterly and annually reports when those time periods occur.

10. The user will be able to view all reports to which they are subscribed, even historical reports.  If a period is reopened and information is changed, the report subscriber will receive a new notification when the period is posted.

11. On the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab, the Department User can choose to unsubscribe from reports they no longer wish to see.

The SUBSCRIPTIONS feature comes standard with the Department Module when it is part of a Fundriver PRO subscription.  Please see the "Overview of Department Module" article for more information on how the Report Subscription interacts with the Department Module interface.

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