Overview of Fundriver Audit Features

The Fundriver interface contains multiple ways to view and report on changes that have been made to your database.  Changes made to the Fund Profile, Spending Rules edits, and even information on when periods were posted and/or reopened are available in Fundriver.  Please review the article below to learn how to access the audit features in Fundriver.


Enter a fund name or GLID to see any change that has been made to a fund since the endowment was created in Fundriver.  You can also search for distribution rule changes for a particular fund by clicking the DISTRIBUTION RULE CHANGES radio button.

Choose a post date and user name to view a specific change.

The audit record shows current value, prior value, and what fields were changed.

All audit reports can be found at REPORT > AUDIT LOGS.

Fund Change History Report shows any changes made to endowment or spending records.

The record type - Endowment or Spending - is shown on the far right.  Clicking on the blue record type will provide additional detail.

Drill down on Endowment record change information.

Drill down on Spending Rule change information.

Spending Rule Change History

Add Fund History

Change History Report - Transactions

Close Fund History

Open/Close Period History

Reconciliation Activity History

This report allows expansion of particular closed periods to reveal the Activity information.

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