Department User Set Up Template

Use this template to set up department-level users.

Complete the first tab 'User List.'  Please note: the yellow columns are required.


Column F 'All Access' is a drop down with only YES as an option.  If the user should have access to all funds, populate YES in this column.  If the user should NOT have access to all funds, leave this blank.

If your organization will be assigning users by department, the second tab 'Department List' and third tab 'Access by Department' both need to be completed. 

The Department List tab is simply a list of departments from your Fundriver database, these must match exactly.  The Access by Department tab assigns the user to the department from the prior tab.

If your organization will be assigning users by fund or GLID, the fourth tab 'Access by Fund' needs to be completed.

The Access by Fund tab is a list of usernames and the GLID that each user is assigned to.

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