Working in a Fundriver test environment (UAT database)

Test environments (UATs) are created for clients, typically upon their request, to apply different scenarios or customizations to their data and review outcomes without putting their production data at risk.  

A UAT database is a copy of a client's database at a specific point in time.  Anything entered into the production database at that time will be carried over, however, any data entered or periods posted in production after the copy is made do not transfer over to the UAT.

The client is free to test different scenarios in the UAT without impacting their current production database.  Once testing is complete, a client may choose to move forward or not move forward with changes to their production database.  Clients work with Fundriver Support to implement changes, if needed.  Once the UAT database is no longer being used for testing, Fundriver will delete the database.  Another UAT may be requested in the future if other testing is required

Things to note when working in a test database (UAT)

- User-Defined Reports will not initially work in a UAT.  They will need to be republished (which creates the link to the data source) in order to be run the first time in UAT.

- Implementing certain customizations will incur an additional charge and require a Statement of Work be completed.

- If you are happy with the way your test went in UAT, Fundriver is able to copy the UAT to your production database so that you don't have to recreate the changes in production.  Whether or not this is done is up to the client and the scenario being tested.

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