New Spending Interface Reports

The New Spending Interface has a suite of new reports to offer!

To view the new reports go REPORT> VIEW REPORTS> SPENDING

Estimated Spending Report (with Column Grouping and Drill Down)

You have the ability to change which columns and spending rules display by using these drop downs at the top:

Flagged Funds will display at the top.  A fund will be flagged if:

- Negative Distribution

- Estimated Net Distribution will bring fund below 0 if entering distributions as of current posting period

- Fund has no Market Value as of prior period

By clicking the numbers in blue text you can drill down to display the math behind them:

Note: The spending proof sub-report does not currently factor in all variables.  For example, adjustments to the Historical Gift Threshold, and other underwater restrictions.

Estimated Spending Report (with Column Grouping)

Spending Allocation Report for Osher Life Long Learning

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