FAQ: Why should I upgrade to Fundriver's New Spending Interface?

Fundriver has enhanced their Spending functionality to improve the ease-of-use, flexibility, and transparency of spending rule administration and the creation of distributions.  Check out our recorded webinar here.  See below for highlights on some of the new features!

- Fundriver’s new Spending Interface allows for the option of assigning a Secondary Spending Rule to funds, which is otherwise known as a Supplemental Distribution.  This feature allows funds to be assigned to two spending rules at the same time, but the client can choose which rule to use during the posting of Distributions.

- The New Spending Interface has additional parameters to change withdrawal frequency and allocation date as well as an underwater section with an optional historical gift threshold:

- Users can now choose which distribution type is created through the Distribution process.  This allows for custom transaction types or multiple transaction types 

- In addition three new reports are available:

You have the ability to change which columns and spending rules display by using these drop downs at the top:

The Estimated Spending Report (with Column Grouping and Drill Down) is similar to your estimated spending report now. However the Estimated Spending amount is a blue clickable link that will open a secondary report showing you how Fundriver calculates the spend behind the scenes:

Contact for more information!

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